Friday, June 12, 2009

Delayed a few Hours

Saturday morning took the motor home in to get the tires checked and found out that they needed to be replaced even though it has been driven only 12k miles. Through some research, the tires were manufactured mid year 2005 and the motor home was assembled late year 2006. After Susan (Grandma) purchased 6 new tires for $$$$$$$, we are now very well informed on how to take care of the tires so that they will last more than 12k miles which reduces the cost per mile maintenance (sorry, the accountant in me is showing).

Discount tire was able to mount the tires during Connors baseball game, which they won, and Brian (Susan's Son, Kursten's older brother), who came to the game dropped me off to pick it up. Originally, they said that it would be ready by 4 pm but Discount Tire did a fabulous job. Stopped and gave the motor home a bath, boy it takes a lot longer than a car and the times in the car wash's don't seem to last very long.

By the time I got back, we drained the fresh water tank and filled while they packed the motor home up. Went through a final rundown of the vehicle and off they wen at 3:45pm, Saturday, June 6, 2009.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Going...going...almost gone

After all the dreaming and planning it's almost time to go. I can't believe how much work it is to be gone for a month. Mom took the motorhome in to CamperWorld a few weeks ago. When she spoke with them they told her the stairs needed fixing for $600, the roof needed refinishing, the generator needed servicing etc. Michael took a hammer and straightened out the stairs, changed the oil and filter in the generator and basically did all the repairs for about $50 and 4 hrs. of work:) We are mostly packed, arrangements made and we plan to leave soon after Connor's last baseball game which ends around 1pm. Time to get some sleep